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We're definitely back. And better than ever...
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Stitch is not only back...

It's better, brighter, and bustling with excitement. Jessica Knits and Crochets is open for business. The store has been reorganized and renovated with you, the customer, in mind. And the response has been overwhelming. Aside from being your go-to shop for all of your knitting and crochet needs (and it is a need, isn't it?), we want to be your community hangout. So we've extended our hours, added some atmosphere, and we're hosting events to help everyone understand that we are your knitting home away from home. And with football season approaching, who couldn't use one of those?

Plus, we have Artyarn, Araucania, Addi Click sets, Mango Moon, Tinseltown, and so much more great fiber to enhance your holiday knitting. Not to mention a shipment of Mountain Colors that's on the way (and brand new to the store).

We'd love to see you. And once, more, thank you to all of our loyal and devoted customers who offered their support throughout the flood. Like a Phoenix, we've come out better than ever!


  1. Eee! So glad I found your site! My family and I will be headed to Scottsdale in about a week on vacation from Waterloo, ON in Canada.
    I'll definitely need a yarn fix so we'll be popping in to your store. Can't wait to see it!

  2. We can't wait to meet you! Just wait until you see the cool things we have. The only dilemma will be deciding what to get!